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What's a girl to do when something rather delicious drops through the post box???

Look at what dropped through my post box today. I was very intrigued as I couldn't remember ordering anything and it was such a fab little box. Whatever could it be???
(I had a hard time convincing Todd that I hadn't ordered anything you know . . . he thinks I am a magician, as he says I am always turning money into things. Haha . . . NOT! Cheeky man!)

As soon as I opened it up, I remembered exactly what it was and I was happy to be able to tell Todd, it wasn't anything I had purchased . . . but a gift . . . a gift from a fabulously innovative company called Baker Days!

Cakes by post! Don't you just think it's a brilliant idea???? Fabulous really, but does it work???

Is it possible to send a perfectly, beautifully decorated cake through the post without it landing in your front hall all crushed, crumbled or otherwise worse for the wear???

Let's see . . .


Once opened . . . inside there is a fabulous little assortment . . . a lovely and sweet little tin, a gift card, some balloons to blow, a sweet little noisemaker and some candles . . . but . . . let's take a look at the cake . . .

Wowsa . . . what a pretty little cake!!! All nicely wrapped in a breathable cellophane packet . . . and totally personalized too! What a cute little letterbox sized cake!

Fabulous instructions on how to remove the cake safely from the tin, without totally destroying it. This always comes in handy . . . and they worked a gem. Before too long, this is what I was looking at . . .

How very pretty . . . bright and colourful too!! Perfectly petite . . . a personalized, exquisite, mini celebration cake, delivered safely through my letter box and in perfect condition too.

There are over 300 designs to choose from, all of which you can personalize with a few special words or photos, available in 14 different categories . . . from Birthdays to Anniversaries, Graduations to Retirements . . . there is something for just about anyone!

Letterbox sized cakes (3 to 4 portions) are available in no less than 6 flavours, starting at £14.99, including Carrot, Lemon, Fruit, Plain Madiera, Double Chocolate Chip and a gluten and wheat free version. (You can also get medium sized ones, serving 8 to 16 portions, depending on how much of a piggie you are . . . these come in the same flavours and start at £26.99)

I chose the carrot cake, because that is one of both Todd's and my favourites . . . and clearly the cake is for the both of us . . . ahem . . .

But do they taste good??? Let's see . . .

It certainly looks good doesn't it?? It cuts perfectly too . . . and appears to be moist and not dry in the least . . . but as anyone knows . . . the proof of the pudding is in the eating . . .

It's a tough job . . . you know . . . but somebody's got to do it . . .

You can never call me a shirker . . . I'm always willing to volunteer for any duty . . . especially if cake and tasting cakes is involved!!

Mmmm . . . delicious . . . I so loved this carrot cake. Normally store bought cakes can be such a disappointment . . . this one is fabulously delish! Moist and well flavoured, but of course . . .

Baker Days uses only the finest ingredients . . . and it shows.

Now . . . this isn't something I would buy for someone that lives locally, I hasten to say . . . I would just bake my own cake for them, but . . . if you are wanting to do something special for someone who lives a distance away, this is the perfect gift to give!

If the delight I felt from opening it is anything to go by . . . anyone you send one of these too will be outright chuffed to receive one!!

A surprise that easily fits through the mail box! Six delicious flavours!! A design and sentiment, easily personalized and able to fit every occasion!!! Competent and timely delivery!!!! Affordable price!!!!! What more could you want??

I give Baker Days a hearty five stars out of five stars!

I think all of their designs are perfectly delightful! I wish I could send one out to each of you, just so you could see how fabulous these cakes really are!

From their page:

A delicious Bakerdays cake rises to any occasion. Just add a few special words or photos to any of our cakes, the result is truly magical.

Receiving a personalised cake from you is so special, it is like a champagne moment, you will make them feel so precious.

Whether it is a Letterbox Cake, which slips safely through a letterbox, or the larger party cake, choose from over 300 designs and 6 cake recipes. We love making cakes for every celebration and we've made it so easy for you to personalise and create your masterpiece.

When you consider we only use the finest ingredients and that each and every cake comes with its own party pack (candles, gift card, balloons and party horn) we are sure you'll agree they are fantastic value for money from only £14.99 including free UK delivery.

Free delivery too . . . you can't beat that! There is not much you can get for free these days!

Many thanks to Biddy and Baker Days for affording me this fabulously delicious opportunity . . . now . . . let me think . . . who could I send one to???

YOU just may be surprised. Keep your fingers crossed!! You just never know . . .
Marie Rayner
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  1. Yay! I win first comment! :) that looks like such a lovely little cake, thank you for sharing with us! If only they had a U.S. branch, I'd send one to my sister. It's beautiful! And so glad it tastes good too, it just wouldn't be the same if it didn't!

  2. great to read of somthing that comes through the post that really doed stand upp to the promise..
    I have a new puter this morning so have to get a man to come and put all the stuff on the other one transfered so won't be able to get my favs till I get him. However Max has put on facebook for me and my AOL... so I will still be around but may not be commenting to our usual blog.xx
    love Sybil x

  3. Wow, you are one lucky girl! It's an adorable cake and you've documented all the questions I would have asked. This company took a great idea and went to great lengths to make it work.

  4. that is just the best idea, and what a lovely cake, its beautiful, and tastes good too wow, success!!!You really brightened my day you did!!

  5. Isn't it fun to get something in the mail and you don't have to admit that you bought something on Amazon again? lol Love those cakes! I wish I had managed to get my chocolate orange bundt cake out of the pan without having to do a little surgery on it later. :-(

  6. The cake looks perfectly adorable and so delicious, too.

  7. Such a fantastic idea…I would love to be able to send cakes for birthdays, anniversaries etc.!

  8. That is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time!!How adorable!

  9. How cool...what a great idea. Personalizing makes it extra special!


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