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Christmas Dreaming . . .

Source: via Marie on Pinterest

When I was a little girl . . .  long about this time of year, it was not at all unusual to find me curled up on a corner of the sofa with the annual Christmas Wish Book in my lap and a pencil and paper. I'd spend hours pouring through it's pages . . . writing down all of my Christmas wishes on a long list that seemed to change from day to day . . .

I may be older and wised now . . . but I still spend this time of year dreaming about gifts that Santa might pop down my chimney . . . making wish lists . . . and hoping that dreams can come true.  You will find different things on my list these days though . . .

 Gone are dolls and toy tea sets . . . they're been replaced with far bigger fish!  I also don't pour over catalogs these days either . . . I am more  likely than not these days,  to do all of my wish book wishing on the net . . .

After all . . . Dreams cost nothing . . .

My mom has always told us to never buy her any type of food gift for Christmas. She doesn't  like them.  She freaks out if anyone gives her a box of tea and cookies . . .  I just don't understand that way of thinking . . . I would LOVE to get a food gift for Christmas and I spend hours looking at different hampers that are available on line and wishing that someone would send me one.

Source: via Marie on Pinterest

Today I was drooling over this year's  Christmas Hampers.  Let's face it . . . if you are going to dream at all, you might as well make it a dream worth pursuing.

There is something there for just about everyone and just about every budget . . . from Chocaholics to died in the wool devout foodies.  Ranging in price from as low as £29.95 right on up to £10,000 at the upper end of the scale . . . a bit out of my budget, but still worth a dream or two.  (Remember they cost nothing!)

 Pinned Image

I have fallen in love with this one, The Christmas Tuck Box.  It's on the lower end of the scale at £95 and looks like something from Hansel and Gretel!  I am crazy for Gingerbread anything, and I have fallen in love with that box and all of it's contents.  Sigh . . . Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread house has had a Christmas makeover, stuffed with an impossibly delicious array of lollipops, jelly beans and gingerbread men.  Presented in an edible gingerbread Harrods. How utterly sweet!!  There are really quite a lot of children's hampers to choose from, including Chocolate Hampers.

  Pinned Image

Then there is this Santa's Little Helper Box at £100.  Oh so cute.  This is one for the kiddos, but I can tell you I would love to have this myself.  I guess I'm just a bit of a kid at heart, because those candy canes, that sweet little Christmas Tree tin and that jar full of goodies are calling to my sweeter side!  Just like a grown-up’s hamper except it's been scaled down and packed with Santa’s favourite sweet treats.

Pinned Image

 I am loving this Daylesford Breakfast Hamper.  At £150 there is everything anyone could ever possibly want for a truly luxurious breakfast in this one. Smoked bacon from pasture-raised pigs is the star of this collection, which also includes prosecco, summer berry jam, strawberry compote, marmalade and tea.  I just adore those little egg cosies!!

 Pinned Image

This is a real dream worthy hamper, The Ultimate, at £5,000,  is on the more expensive end of the range, with enough indulgences to last all 12 days of Christmas, The Ultimate is a gourmet celebration of seasonal specialties – and a favourite of connoisseurs. This exclusive hamper includes Beluga caviar, 5J Iberian ham, goose foie gras with truffle, Cheddar cheese, a Rose Prince Collection Christmas pudding, Champagne and luxury crackers, all presented in a leather styled Trunk!  Wowsa!  I don't think I've been that good this year, have you???  You never know!

Pinned Image

Something a little bit cheaper, The Gourmet Collection, at only £500.  (She faints as she says this . . . only . . . ONLY!)  Filled with Champagne, caviar and all things epicurean, The Gourmet Collection hamper has been designed with foodies in mind. The hamper also includes 5J Iberico ham, duck terrine and French saucisson with Guérande salt; a selection of international wines and cheeses completes this connoisseur’s collection.  My, my . . . how the other half lives . . . but this is a dream after all.

Pinned Image

Liking this one too . . . The Primvs, at £125.  Italian company Primvs is renowned for sourcing foods from trusted local suppliers, and offering only products that are certified DOP, IGP and BIO – designations that guarantee the provenance and quality of the ingredients. The result of the brand’s diligence speaks for itself. The Primvs hamper contains pasta and pesto made by hand from recipes passed from generation to generation; olive oil with a subtle, fruity taste; and aged balsamic vinegar with a delicate balance of sweet and sour notes.

Pinned Image

The Teatime Treat, £40 . . .  with English Breakfast tea, raspberry preserve and thin cut marmalade, The Teatime Treat hamper is a celebration of English tradition.

 Pinned Image

£29.95 . . . The Christmas Stocking, a traditional Christmas stocking featuring our favourite Harrods bear is stuffed with Santa-shaped chocolates, stars and lollipops.

There are even  Wine Hampers for the fine  wine connoisseurs on your Christmas List.  With over 70 Christmas Hampers to choose from, I do believe there is something on offer for just about anyone's budget and tastes.

There's only one question to be answered now . . .


However will they fit him into my box???  Sigh . . .
Marie Rayner
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  1. Why yes- these do look all so very delightful!

  2. I've never been to Harrod's..not London..(sob..) but I have a tea bag:)One lonely tea bag:) Luscious hampers Marie~ They should give you one for being top Blogger!!:)They should.

  3. The only food gift I have problem eating is a gingerbread house. Those have been exposed to the air/germs/etc. far too long for me to want to eat one!

  4. I LOVE Christmas so thank you for getting me in the festive mood early!

  5. Tea-time one for meeeee!!! :) I love these things too. I always can't help but wonder if they really will taste as amazing as they look!

  6. What a fun post! Let me know if you can find a stocking for the last item on the list!

  7. What a sweet blog! (and nice eye-candy at the end, by the way ;) *grin* I love visiting this blog.

    I think the Tuck box is sweet!

  8. I LOVE Harrod's. it was always said that you could order ANYTHING from Harrod's. Well, if you could order Rufus Sewell, I'd be sending in my order today!

  9. P.S.
    I've been to Harrods lots of times, but I've never seen him there - sigh


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