Enjoy Italian Food!!

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I have to tell you about something which I experienced just recently.  I received a lovely package in the post from Enjoy Italian Food.   The box it arrived in was just beautiful.   (I love beautiful boxes!)

When I opened it up, here is what was inside.

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Absolutely everything I needed in order to create a beautiful Italian dish, including ALL of the ingredients needed except for cooking utensils and water . . .  there was even a colapsable colander in the bottom of the box . . .

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Along with an easy to follow, step by step recipe!!  Everything in the box was well packaged.

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There were two jars of this lovely Pesto.   One of the jars of Pesto had come open, but that wasn't a problem.  It is quite a concentrated Pesto and beautifully flavoured.

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A nice wedge of some beautiful Italian Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese!   I love Parmigiano Reggiano.  It's flavour is gorgous and so much better than that cheese in the green cardboard tube I grew up on!  Just the smell is to die for.  You can't beat it!

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A nice bottle of extra virgin Olive Oil.   Tasted great just out of the bottle.

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A package of Natural Sea Salt.   Fabulous!  (I told you literally everything I needed was in the box and it was!)

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A bag of gorgeous Italian dried Pasta!   REAL Italian pasta!  When my ex employers went to Italy on their various trips they always brought back Italian Pasta.  It was a real treat!  I love Italian Pasta!

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The instructions were really simple and easy to follow.   It was a breeze . . .

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Within about 20 minutes I had a beautiful dish of pasta sitting in front of me, waiting for me to dig in!  Just look at the colour of that pesto sauce!

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A final grating of that fab Parmesan and I was as happy as a clam!

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I was one of the tastiest Italian dishes I had eaten in a long time.  Seriously.  I do cook myself pasta from time to time (as you know Todd is not a lover of Italian food).  I have never  had such nice ingredients to cook with however and this was a beautiful experience, both in the cooking and in the eating for me.

If you would like to become chef for a day, and obtain a result that stands out . . .  to  make a true Italian homemade dish using excellent products,  selected just for you, in a manner which will reveal the secrets of Italian cooking . . . click HERE.  There are nine varities to choose from, including a Vegan choice!

Many thanks to Edoardo for sending me this lovely box.  I am in love. 

When they say Enjoy Italian Food . . . it's true.


  1. How delicious. My mouth is watering and I have had more than enough to eat today. It all looks so edible. I love pasta and pizza simply done. Let the great ingredients shine.

  2. Exactly Suzan! Simple and wholesome ingredients, well executed. You can't beat it.

  3. Oh you lucky little ducky!!

    Again..so WELL deserved..
    I look forward to my little EBAY purchases in cooking and baking things..You must be excited everytime this happens:)
    Small pleasures.. are the best!

  4. It's like Christmas every time Monique! I am a lucky ducky for sure!

  5. you have the best job Marie, lol, wow, imagine having these amazing boxes delivered to your door, I could eat pasta everyday of the week, this soundds amazing

  6. It was really good Laurie, and so simple too!

  7. What a treasure trove. I like Italian food and I am very fortunate that it's easy to get really good things in New York City. The pasta looks delicious.

  8. Carol, it is my dream to one day be able to eat in NYC!

  9. Wow, those ingredients look gorgeous! Sometimes working with the best is so much fun. We economize on lots of things, so it must have been wonderful to have those to play with!


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