Get Collecting on ebay!


Watch out Pinterest.  e-bay ® has now launched some new features here in the UK which enables it's users to collect and categorize the things they are interested in or watching on e-bay:  eBay Profiles and eBay Collections.

In  a move to become more social with the creation of user profiles. All users, whether buyer or seller, now have access to a customisable profile page.

 photo collections_zps08789d10.jpg
  photo ebay2_zpsead07437.jpg

Users can customize their collections to their individual interests and categories.   For instance, I am interested in all things foodie and things which pertain to either cooking, eating or serving.

 photo Tea_zps2aba2446.jpg

I have a board which contains everything to do with taking tea.   Serving plates, tea cups and pots, etc.  It's a lot of fun!

 photo Itsallclear_zps2e75f395.jpg

Then there is my board which contains everything that is made from clear glass, from beautiful canning jars, to crystal goblets, to coloured dessert dishes.   I have collected them and am enjoying adding to them weekly as I peruse the things on offer via e-bay.

Users can write a short description of themselves or their business, upload a logo or profile picture as well as add a new profile cover. The eBay profile cover is similar to the Facebook’s cover images and shows off a user’s style perfectly. 

User Profiles contain:
  • User description
  • Information about a seller or buyer
  • Feedback information
  • Links to items for sale and store link
  • A Profile Cover
  • New sized logo  
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Collections allow buyers and sellers to create a social gathering of products that they like or find interesting.  users can build Collections of complimenting products or group products by a theme, or just create a set of products they desire.

Simply click add to collection from a listing and eBay automatically builds a lovely looking page with all your collected products.  You can add you own comments and description to be displayed on your collection page and choose to make the collection public or keep it private.  Public Collections also have the ability to “trend” on eBay and are displayed on the eBay homepage for the world to see.

There is also the option to follow other Collectors, and or their collections.  I can really see this catching on!  If you would like to see more, or catch up on my collections do check them out on my own personal e-bay Collection Page!