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Let's talk easy potatoes with Bannister's Farm

 photo Screen-shot-2013-10-21-at-204132_zpsc2f4fe7e.png

I do get sent the nicest things.  I know you must get tired of me saying so, but it's true!  I DO get sent the nicest things.   Bannister's Farm recently sent me some of their Fully Loaded  Jacket Potatoes.  We loved baked jacket potatoes in this house, so we were really excited to get these.   I confess that I buy at least one box of their frozen plain baked jacket potatoes a week.   As well as being quick and easy to use, they are reasonably priced and they are actually very good in my opinion.   A baked potato is like a canvas for all sorts, and they make for a very nice meal.

The Fully Loaded Jacket Potatoes are large potatoes filled to the brim with a range of different fillings.
  photo SAM_3372_zps6126d8b8.jpg

The first two were the Fully Loaded Chicken Tikka Jacket Potato and the Fully Loaded Broccoli and Cauliflower Cheese Jacket Potato.

 photo 8cf60b7932e487397cd71271830233f2_zps945c6253.jpg

The Chicken Tikka potato was delicious.   I was worried it might be too spicy, but it was just right and there was a nice ratio of filling to potato.   We shared it and both enjoyed it very much.  (I did take my own pictures of each of these potatoes when we ate them, but for the life of me I cannot find them now.  They have disappeared into the ether called the world wide web, so you will have to forgive me for using stock photos.)

 photo bbe4e70d7d9b9e73999277cded92f5bc_zps57d178be.jpg

I just adore cauliflower cheese and broccoli cheese, and so I was really delighted to be able to try this Fully Loaded Broccoli and Cheese Jacket Potato.  I didn't want to share it, but being the good wife that I am, I did.   It was delicious!  Once again there was a good ratio of filling to potato and it was really tasty.  I think this one was my favourite one of all, but then, I just love my broccoli and cauliflower!  (I love cheese too!)  This one could not lose.
 photo SAM_3373_zps0d7ec4d9.jpg

The other two flavours which were sent were the Fully Loaded Mature Cheddar Cheese and the Fully Loaded Chicken and Mushroom, both of which were also excellent and well flavoured, with a good ration of filling to potato as well. 

Chicken & Mushroom 

The chicken and mushroom filling has the lovely addition of a hint of thyme and oregano, which was just beautiful.  We both really enjoyed this.  They also use British chicken, which is a plus for me. 

Mature Cheddar Cheese 

The cheddar cheese one was absolutely loaded with beautiful mature british cheddar.  It was quite simply delicous.  We both really enjoyed this as well.  

Cheese & Beans

They also have a Cheese and Beans one, which we were not sent, but if the rest are anything to go by, this one would be very tasty as well.

What I like about the Bannister's Farm line of baked potato products:

1.  Price.   They are not over priced, but affordable, and are often on offer.   I stock up on them when they are.  I can usually get a box of four of the plain ones for only £2, which is great.
2.  Convenience and ease of use.   All of their potato products are very easy to use.  You simply pop them into the microwave and in less than 10 minutes you are rewarded with a perfectly baked potato, ready to top as you wish, or to eat plain.  You also have the option of baking them in the oven, which takes about 45 minutes, but they are also excellent done this way.  In truth . . . I bake them for half the time required in the microwave and then finish them off in the oven and they are beautiful. 
3.  They are delicious.   I have never had a bad one yet.   The potatoes they use are nice potatoes, and the fillings they use for the filled ones are very tasty, and not skimpy in the least.  You get a good ration of filling to potato.
4.  They are completely British. They use British Potatoes, British Chicken, British Vegetables, British Cheese.  I like that.  We need to support our own farmers when and if we can.  I applaud that ethos. 
5.  Their mission.   The Bannister's Farm mission is to simply produce the tastiest spuds and they are passionate about good food and try their best to unite traditional values with the requirements of busy modern life.   Good wholesome food at the push of a button. You can't ask for more than that.

Many thanks to Gaia and also to Bannister's Farm for sending me these lovely products to try.   They are just wonderful and I highly recommend them to anyone.  I've tried other brands in the past and I always come back to Bannister's because quite simply . . . they are the best.  And that's the truth.

Bannisters’ Farm Fully Loaded Jackets (375g) retail from £2.00 to £2.50  and are available in the frozen food section of most grocery stores nationwide.

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Marie Rayner
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  1. You are appreciative and that's nice!

  2. This sounds delicious dear Marie!!

  3. I wish we had those Bannisters' Farm products here in the United states..They look so yummy!


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