Top Five Reasons to Switch to Integrated Appliances

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Your home is your haven, your personal space, and as such every individual will have their own ideas when the time comes to make home improvements. Whether it’s the colour of the walls, the size of the rooms or the layout of the property, no two homes will be the same.

Where many homes are starting to look similar, however, is in the kitchen. Integrated home and kitchen appliances are on the rise, with trends shifting from cumbersome, anachronistic freestanding products to appliances which are as built into its surfaces and cabinetry. While such kitchens were previously only the domain of the wealthy, advances in technology mean that almost anybody can now have a kitchen made almost entirely with integrated appliances, with retailers across the UK providing built-in kitchenware made by manufacturers of quality home and kitchen appliances such as Amica.

But why are people making the switch to integrated appliances? And why should you?

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Integrated kitchen appliances are either cleverly concealed as part of your furniture, or fit in seamlessly with its decor - always a better option than a chunky white fridge or washing machine sticking out next to your new black granite worktop.

Energy Efficiency 

As the modern trend is to build integrated appliances, these are where the latest energy-saving technologies will be. An energy-efficient appliance can yield huge savings on energy bills, resulting in more money in your pocket.


Similarly, the latest technologies designed for convenience, hygiene and ease of use will be features of integrated appliances. Users of Amica integrated refrigerators, for example, benefit from frost-free technology, specially-designed vegetable-crisping drawers, and plenty more.

Space Savings 

Integrated kitchen appliances are designed to take up far less room than freestanding appliances, leaving you with more space in your home to do something much more interesting with.

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Integrated devices also make keeping your kitchen clean and tidy much easier. Users of integrated appliances can wipe down a worktop and hob in one sweeping motion, and the risk of unhygienic food waste and other debris falling into the gaps between appliance and surface is eliminated.

With such an array of benefits, it’s obvious why so many are choosing to get rid of their oversized, outdated white goods and making the switch to integrated appliances. Besides the obvious aesthetic and technological improvements, the savings made from energy-efficient appliances resulting in massive savings make switching almost a no-brainer.

Take a look at the many integrated appliances available from manufacturers such as Amica and start planning your new, extra-modern, super-spacious kitchen today.