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I always do my posts here the night before they go live.   Unfortunately I store my photos on photobucket and it's down for maintenance.   I can't post what I wanted to post for you today . . .  so I thought I would share with you some of MY favourite recipes that I have posted on here over the past 7 or so years.  I also have an Upper Endoscopy scheduled later today . . .  Thursday.  UGH.  It doesn't bear thinking about.  Much better to think about tasty things that bring a smile to my face and put a twinkle in my eye!  So here are my top favourites, guaranteed to become your top favourites as well!

Baked Bean Soup.  I love this soup.  It's old fashioned.  It's delicious.  It's comforting and it's a great reuse of leftover baked beans.   You can't go wrong.  Oh, and it's really simple to make.

Little Gems with Blue Cheese Dressing.  Out of all the salads I have made, this simple salad with it's delicious blue cheese dressing and blue cheese crumbles on top is my absolute favourite of all time.  I have made a LOT of delicious salds on here, but this one is a perennial winner.

Jam Oysters.  I love tarts and pastry.  I love almond cake.  I Love jam.  I love vanilla butter cream.  These little babies give you all four things in one.  Be still my heart. 


Lemon Friands.  Butter almond cakes, streaked with lemon curd.  I love Lemons and I adore lemon curd.   You can't get much better than these.

Melting Middle Fondant Cakes.  These are fabulous.  Always turn out and are the perfect way to end any dinner party.  You can make up the batter several days ahead and just scoop it into the pans just before you are ready to bake them.  If you follow the directions exactly you will be rewarded with delicious little chocolate fondant cakes with oozing middles.

Bananas and Custard.  I don't know anyone who doesn't love this simple old fashioned dish.  It's Todd's absolute favourite.  This evokes comforting childhood memories in every heart.

Tatties and Neeps.   That's Scottish for mashed turnips and potatoes  With chives stirred in and lots of butter.   Simple food.   Good food.  Tasty.  I could sit and eat a bowl of this and nothing else.

Potato Scallop.  I love scalloped potatoes.  I love potatoes.   This again is comfort food.   It goes with anything.  I have a thing about simple and comfort.  These kinds of recipes pluck the strings of my heart.

 Orchard Fruit Crumble.  Pears. Plums.  Apples.  Just empty the fruit bowl and top with a buttery sweet oat crumble and bake.  Lashings of custard to serve are a must.

 Holiday Split Seconds.  Delicious buttery short cookies, filled with mincemeat, topped with toasted nuts,  and baked . . .  then cut into diagonals and drizzled with a vanilla drizzle.  One of my absolute favourite holiday cookie indulgences.

Chocolate Cola Cake.  A delicious moist chocoalte cake, topped with a chocolate icing and then served with a chocoate and marshmallow sauce.  Total decadence.

Lemon Chicken.   Moist and tender chicken breasts, topped with candied lemons and a fabulously sticky honey and lemon sauce.   Mmm . . .  good.

Iced Walnut Cake.  I love walnuts.   That is something my father and I have in common.  This tasty cake features them  most deliciously.

Strawberry Mint Scones.   Buttery. oh so buttery with just a hint of mint.  Filled with sweet strawberry jam and topped with a fab lemon drizzle icing.

Lamb Curry.  It's mild. It's delicious. It's easy to make.   I love lamb.  If you aren't sure you will like curry, this is the perfect recipe to try first.

 Creamy Sausage and Mustard Pasta Hot Dish.  It's creamy.  It's pasta.  It is stogged full of delicious sausage, caramelized onions, cabbage and two mustards.

Magic Pie.  Three layers . . .  develop like magic from one batter.   Crust.  Coconut Custard.   Cake.  Flaked almonds.  Delicious.   I like to serve it with tinned fruit.  It's the glutton in me.  Or the child.  I haven't yet figured out which!

Chicken and Barley Simmer.  It's that comfort thing again . . .  plus it's easy and so delicious.

Vegetable Cheese Soup.  Simple ingredients. Put together well.  And cheese.  Lotsa cheese.

Cherry Crumble Cake.   Buttery cake, stogged full of fresh cherries, with a sweet crumble topping. This is to die for.  I like mine with a dollop of cream!


 Sponge Drops.  It's cakes, simply dropped onto a pan and baked, then filled with oodles of strawberry jam and whipped cream.  Oh my, these are some good.

A Simple Carrot Cake.  Nothing fancy smancy here. It's quite simply a delicious carrot cake topped with a tasty drizzle.

Raspberry Celebration Cake.  This is MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE cake of all time.  Seriously.  Delicious buttery layers, studded with fresh raspberries, filled with clotted cream and jam and more berries and then drizzled.   It's my birthday cake of choice.

I have to stop now.  I've made myself hungry.  And I've only gotten as far as 2010.  There's a whole five years left to go through!  And this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to delicious recipes I have cooked and shown you.   Hmmm . . . looking at this, I can see I have a distinct love for comfort foods, lemons, cakes and jam.   Not sure what that says about me!

Here's hoping I am back tomorrow with something new!  Have a great day. 


  1. Neeps and tatties go well with haggis.

    1. I have never had Haggis West Essex! It's on my bucket list! xo

  2. How kind of you think f of your reaers when you have other things on your mind..

    1. It has actually helped to distract me Monique. I am still waiting to leave for the hospital, but the time is closer to go now. I am starving also. Nothing to eat or drink all day. I hope I will be able to eat afterwards! xo

  3. All of your favourites look delicious! Hope it all goes well at the hospital. Take are and look forward to all your recipes.

    1. Thanks Julia. All done and dusted now but the waiting for the results. xoxo

  4. Dearest Marie! I have been wanting to drop you a line. I do hope all went well today and that it was over soon and you are feeling better. I shed some tears when I read of your diabetes, especially regarding your passion for gastronomic adventures which we all get to enjoy and you so generously share. Thank you for highlighting your favourite things - I loved this post. I think it should be a monthly choice you pick for us from your site. Rest well, feel better! Hug. ~ Terese PS thank you for the ox tail recipe site suggestions earlier this year, I used one and it was FAB

    1. Thanks so much Merrypetal! I might just consider doing this once a month! So glad you liked the oxtail suggestions! Your happy thoughts are very much appreciated! xoxo


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