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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Bake Like a Pro & Collect an Expert Tool Kit

  photo BB_01_zps6rmqecq5.jpg

I am really excited to tell you about a brand new subscription box for bakers which is launching in early January 2016!  Bake Box is the brand new subscription box designed for blossoming bakers to build up a brilliant repertoire of new skills as well as a collection of great baking equipment.

 photo prodBAKE BOX_BRUSH EMBROIDERY_zpsc14jknyv.jpg

Bake Box will be the first of its kind available in the UK and includes recipe cards for 6 stunning bakes and the tools needed to tranform any cake into a showstopper.  The contents of each box are kept secret . . . as they want each box to be a surprise!  The launch date is early January with Box 1 being dispatched on January 4th 2016!

 photo Bake Box cut out_zpsunadrrze.jpg

Here is what you can expect in each box:

Each box contains everything you need to create six amazing new recipes all around a specific theme.  Two of the pieces will be innovative bakeware pieces that are NOT available on the high street.

Each box containes six fully illustrated recipe cards.  The cards feature a step by step guide to baking the perfect cakes and desserts and decorating them in a truly unique way.  Recipes to include two hero recipes, one show stopping cake recipe, one dessert recipe and two simpler recipes that are great to make with children.

 photo BB_07_zpsrq0mxzsu.jpg

Bake Box have teamed up with Rainbow Dust to offer subscribers fantastic professional grade cake decorating products that will add the ultimate finishing touch to bakes.

With a subscription to the Bake Box you automatically receive complimentary access fo the Bake Club Live Site.  Here you can check out masterclass videos, receive bonus recipes and show endless possibilities for new creations using your new professional toolkit!

 photo prodBAKE BOX_CHOCOLATE PYRAMIDS_zpsr9cjl6yh.jpg

(Don't these Chocolate Pyramids look fabulous???)

Bake Box won't break the bank either.  At £14.99 every two months, it's great value for money as each box contains at least £40 worth of equipment.

 photo prodBAKE BOX_CHOCOLATE BUNDT_zpsuhiiq6fy.jpg

You can find out a lot more about the Bake Box Subscription program on the Bake Box Website.

 photo DSCN4434_zps5o4zxeir.jpg

I was sent a lovely box so that I could experience for myself first hand a sampling of the type of quality one might expect from these boxes.  The packaging is attractive and the box itself very sturdy.

 photo DSCN4438_zpsafjawb6w.jpg

Inside was a wonderful assortment of silicone bakeware, cookie cutters, and other Christmas goodies that would be perfect for my Christmas baking!

  photo DSCN4439_zpsqntwwcwq.jpg

Chocolate molds, a lovely snowflake cake mold, star cookie cutters, several Rainbow Dust Professional Grade food colour gels in red and green, Metallic silver rainbow dust, Rainbow Dust Edible Dark silver stars . . .  and the piece de resistance . . .

  photo DSCN4443_zpsfch3dwgr.jpg

Silicone Molds and a recipe card to make my very own Gingerbread House for the holidays!

 photo BakeClub_13_0068_zpsqkcm2mbq.jpg

Isn't it gorgeous!!!  Altogether I was very impressed with all that was in this box and I think the contents were well worth the subscription price!

To find out more about how to sign up check out

Standard subscription price: £14.99 per month + £2.00 P&P
Follow them on Twitter: @bakeclublive
Follow them on Facebook 



  1. I would so do this:)

    I have a silicone house on back order:)
    Your kit looks like a ball!

  2. Great idea sadly not available outside the UK. It would have solved my Christmas shopping for the Mrs. ;)

    1. Oh, what a shame Pat. Maybe there is something similar available in North America?

  3. I would just love that for my granddaughter, she is quite the budding baker. Too bad it's not available in Canada.

    1. I checked Janice and such a thing it not available anyplace else. An enterprising person could make a bundle if they got something like this up and running! xo


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