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Monday, 15 August 2016

Be an Individual with Lekue

 photo DSCN8496_zpsyogf5cl1.jpg

When I first saw this Lékué Cake Portion Mold, I was so happy.  Not only is it a pretty red colour but what a fabulous idea for a cake pan where everyone can have their own individual piece, baked specially just for them!

 photo DSCN8497_zpsij26c9fg.jpg

 Forget cake crumbs in your icing as you cut the cake, with each slice bake individually that takes care of the cake crumb problem, and not only that, they can be decorated uniquely and mess-free.

  photo DSCN8510_zpsopqrowqd.jpg

But there's more. You no longer have to decide: Chocolate or vanilla? You can do both! Or chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, or vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, or chocolate with vanilla.   Nuts or no nuts.  Raisins, or no raisins.  Chocolate chips?  Sure, why not.  Don't like them, not a problem!  Everyone can be happy.  Each slice can be as individual as the tastes in your household!

 photo DSCN8511_zpsj9vofljo.jpg

It was so simple to do.  I flavoured half of the batter with cocoa powder and then I swirled chocolate and white batter together for several of the cakes, left some plain white and then the rest plain chocolate.  Into the various slices I mixed a variety of ingredients . . . nuts, chocolate chips, fresh blueberries, raisins, etc.

 photo DSCN8512_zpst7eugi8d.jpg

The cakes slipped perfectly from out of the pan, with no sticking at all.  I liked that.

   photo DSCN8513_zpsdpjkaahk.jpg

And it was a lot of fun decorating each slice differently.   This would be so much fun for a kids party where you let them each decorate their own slices!

I have a few other silicone tools in my kitchen and I am fond of their lightness and ease of use, cleaning and storage.  This cleaned beautifully in the microwave.

 photo DSCN8515_zpsm7io6g4u.jpg

100% Platinum silicone.  10 year guarantee.  BPA Free.  Microwave and oven safe.  Dishwasher proof.

 You can buy the Lekue Cake Portion Molde online at Lekue.

Note - Although I was sent the Lekue Cake Portion Mold free of charge to try out, I was not required to write a positive review.  Any opinions and results are my own.


  1. I trust your review! Love that pan..adorable..and so well thought of..I have a cast iron scone pan like that..what a great silicone one for cakes!

    1. It really is a great pan Monique! I am warming to the idea of silicone. In the past I haven't been so sure about it, but I have used enough of it now that I quite like it. Cast Iron for scones sounds lovely! xo


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