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 photo cottage-decor.jpg

In an imaginary world we could all have the kitchen of our dreams.   We don't live in an imaginary world however, and what is  . . . is.   I am afraid I am stuck with my little podunk kitchen . . . and all of it's lack of space.  That doesn't mean I don't have a wish list however.   I think everyone has a wish list.  You know what I mean.   A list of things you wish you could have and hope to have one day . . . once upon a time, and happily ever after . . .

 photo 230645014alt2_zpsde9d35d5.jpg

Top of my list is a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer in Candy Apple Red!   My daughter has a kitchen aid in candy apple red, the lucky girl!  When I cooked at the Manor down south there was a Kitchen aid in the kitchen.  I just loved using it.  One day I hope to have one of my very own . . . and it will be Candy Apple Red!   Dreams can and do come true . . . you just have to believe that they will.

 photo images_zps2582ef06.jpg

I love this set of Mason Cash pottery mixing bowls.   They remind me of the mixing bowl my mum used to have and how I accidentally broke it.   Of course I love Mason Cash anything.   I am especially fond of their Enamour line of pottery in the white with the dark blue trim.

  photo 1335259049-32820600_zps2905141b.jpg

Love this Joseph Joseph kitchen caddy and tools set.   I love Joseph Joseph anything actually.  I love the bright colours and their innovative designs.   I would be well pleased with anything made by Joseph Joseph.

 photo 000016515_zpsqeoorgho.jpg

I would really love to have a decent set of saucepans etc.   I have a real mish mash at the moment.  Most of them are pretty old and beat up.   It would be lovely to have a set of all matching ones.

  photo Le-Creuset-Matte-Collection-4-600x399_zpszlvycm90.jpg

Le Creuset anything . . .  I love Le Creuset and I especially love this colour.  I have one small casserole that I was sent a few years ago and I use that all the time.  I used to have some to use when I worked at the Manor, but those didn't belong to me.  I know they are heavy, but they are very good.  I miss them.

 photo sample_discover_main_zpsxlflvsas.jpg

I would really love to have a decent stove to cook with.  The one I have now works really well, but the oven door is on the bottom and the door to it swings open just like a real door.  I am always burning myself on it because it has a tendancy to swing back on me . . . plus with it being down to low, it is really awkward for me, especially with my arthritis.  One of those ovens that the door slides in underneath when you open it would be great.  A self cleaning oven would be really nice also.  

Can you hear me Kitchen Fairy?

 photo lg-microwave-and-baking-oven_zpseriozxjw.jpg

While I am at it I might as well ask for a decent microwave/convection oven don't you think?

  photo 636-1555_PI_TPS2025142_zpsm4b6qzwq.jpg

Oh, and a nice gas barbeque that actually works like I want it to . . .

 photo L1004647_zpsbjwjmlb5.jpg

A decent set of glass bakewar would also be nice.   Mine is all chipped and half of the casserole dishes are missing lids or I have lids with no matching casseroles . . .  sigh . . .

  photo panasonic-side-by-side-refrigerator-uk-market-2010_zpsf8rwod1l.jpg

A decent Refrigerator/freezer would be nice, bearing in mind I have a small kitchen.  The one we have now was bought at a scratch and dent sale and is falling apart, plus it had a water dispensor on the door, which I realized afterwards was not worth the loss of door storage space as it leaks and we can't use it anyways.

Katie Alice Scarlett Posy anything.  I adore the bright colours and shabby chic design of it all.   I think I just like red, and polka dots . . . and roses.

Adore these bowls, again Katie Alice . . . and red roses.

I am awfully fond of green gate as well.   I have some of their blue pieces, but have never seen the red and white.  Had I done . . . I would have fallen in love with these.


Oh My Goodness . . . can you hear my heart strings plunking???

  photo 16546_1_zpsd5a1b5e1.jpg

This Mason Cash Bread Baking set.  Don't you just love the bowl?  Oh, and that's a baking stone on the top!

 photo 1b7fcbf9e95ae96aaa55c3d70b8862d4_zps87ace242.jpg

Oh what I wouldn't give to have a completely redesigned kitchen with space to move around in and lots of counter space to work on rather than the 12 inch square space I have now.   With lots of cupboards so that everytime I open one I don't experience an avalanch because I just have far too much stuff stuffed into the few cupboards I do have.   Oh how very wonderful it would be if someone from Wickes or Wren Kitchens, right here in Chester would wave their magic fairy wand over my kitchen and do it up nice . . .  with plenty of organization and help me make the most of a small space. I think this only happens in fairy tales but  . . .  sigh . . . a gal can dream can't she?

 photo index_zpsc89225ae.jpg

I would absolutely love to have a Froothie Optimum 9400 blender.   These look to be very powerful and just want I need in order to be able to make my nut butters and such.  The last time I tried to make almond butter I almost burnt out the engine on my food processor.

  photo Everhot 60 Sage pound4755 - EVERHOT_zpssfajaove.jpg

I just adore this lovely Everhot 60 in their new colour of Sage Green.    What I wouldn't do to have one of those in my little kitchen.  It is just the perfect size.   At present my kitchen  has no heat option at all and this little baby would heat my kitchen,  using electricity, which makes it easy to switch on or off, quick to install, well suited to running from renewable energy and, above all, great for cooking. With features including a grill and a state-of-the-art induction hob and  a wide choice of sizes, colours and options having one of these would be an absolute dream come true.

 photo Everhot 100 Sage from pound6995 - EVERHOT_zpsnscowfwb.jpg

It also comes in a larger model the Everhot 100i.  It's just gorgeous, but if I got one of those . . .  I would definitely need a new kitchen as I really couldn't fit one of these lovely babies into my teensie weensie cooking spot!  I just adore this colour  . . .  sigh . . .
Marie Rayner
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  1. I just found your blog today and I love it. Of course I have been in love with England from all the novels I have read over the years. Wish I had this resource years ago when I raised my children. I'll check back again soon.
    Carol Smith
    Fenton, Missouri, USA

  2. Welcome Carol! I do hope that you will be a frequent visitor! xx

  3. Carol,
    I found your blog looking for a recipe to use up left-over mashed potatoes and ham and found the perfect recipe: I too have a meat and potato man:)

    Have been lurking through your blog for an hour and love it! I finally got at age 54 a cobalt blue-love the red one also- Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer! Now for the dream kitchen to put it in:)

    Thanks for the recipe and will be checking back often!

    Happy Easter from the US!

    Cyndi from Maryland

  4. HI Cyndi, welcome to my blog. I am so happy you found me and are enjoying it! I am glad you liked the recipe. I just glanced back through my wish list and can see that I need to amend it a bit. I have received since I first wrote it, several things on it. It's nice to know that dreams and wishes do come true!

  5. I just found your blog today and I am in heaven. Was speaking today with a friend who just came back from England and we compared notes. Would love to see the Cotswolds and Cornwall. Thank you for your wonderful blog.

    1. You're welcome! I hope you continue to enjoy my page! Thank you for your kind words!


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