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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Cheese and Onion Soup

Brrr . . . Baby it's cold outside!!! Time to cuddle up indoors with a good book by the fire! Time to break out the woolie socks and jumpers . . . Time for soup!

Hot steaming soup . . . bone warming, tummy hugging, soul comforting soup.

This recipe today is proof positive that you need neither fancy expensive ingredients nor extreme talent to create a soul warming delicious soup.

All you need is a few simple ingredients and a bit of ingenuity. All the elements of comfort are in this soup . . . warm milk . . . hot buttered toast . . . meltingly tender soft squidgy onions . . . rich oozy and tangy melting cheese . . .

I think cheese and onion are the quintessential good marriage of flavours. If you don't like cheese and you don't like onions . . . you had better look away now, coz you won't like this.

But it you love them as much as I do, then you'll absolutely go crazy over this.

Trust me!!! Would I lie to you???

*Cheese and Onion Soup*
Serves 4
Printable Recipe

This may be quick and easy but it's not short on flavour. Proof positive that you don't need complicated or expensive ingredients to make something quite, quite tasty!

4 medium sized onions, peeled and coarsely chopped (about 2 cups)
16 ounces boiling water (2 cups)
16 ounces whole milk (2 cups)
a knob of butter
a couple of handfuls of grated strong cheddar cheese (I like to use a good Farmhouse cheddar)
4 slices of buttered toast (I like a hearty whole wheat)
seasalt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
a pinch of grated nutmeg
2 spring onions, finely chopped for garnish

Place the chopped onions into a large saucepan along with the boiling water and some salt. Simmer until tender. The onions should be quite translucent and very tender. This should take about 20 minutes. Add the milk and bring back just to the boil. Reduce the heat to a simmer and cook for a further 15 minutes. Add the knob of butter and season to taste with some salt, pepper and a p9inch of nutmeg.

Put a slice of buttered toast into the bottom of each of four heated soup plates. Top each with some of the cheese. Ladle the hot soup over top and sprinkle each with a garnish of chopped spring onions. Serve immediately.


  1. I loved how you describe soup...and it feels that way to me too. Thanks for the simple recipe..I think I should have made my leftovers into soup today! ;D

  2. This looks delicious, and how unusual (at least in my experience) to put buttered toast in the bottom of a bowl. I like that and I'll be trying this soup.

  3. What is a knob of butter? Never heard that term of measurement.



    This looks wonderful btw

  4. Is a knob the same as a dollop? This is going to be my soup d'jour for my painting class next week! Thanks, Marie. Love you, Jenny

  5. A knob is anything you want it to be Jenny! From a little dollop to a bigger dollop. It all depends on how much of the buttery taste you want in there! Gluttonous me, uses a large dollop.

  6. The cheese on top of this soup looks so inviting. I bet it smells divine too.

  7. Perfect! Love the toast in the bowl thing. Keith thinks you haven't had home-made soup if you haven't soaked some toast or bread in it.

  8. This sounds delicious! I know French Onion soup has bread on top of the soup with cheese on top of it!

  9. I agree cheese and onions are a perfect match..well done.

  10. deeeeeeelicious! Such a comforting dish. Hope you are well and over your cold Marie xx

  11. Ever sound yummy! The weather is getting cold here so I'm into my soup making mode and definitely want to try this one.....we're onion fanatic!

  12. It is the season for soup. Yours sounds like perfect comfort on a cold November day.

  13. When I was young I thought my Mother was crazy for loving cheese sandwiches with onion. Now I don't make a grilled cheese sandwich without some thinly sliced onion added! This soup sound wonderful.

  14. I would LOVE this cheese and onion soup!

  15. Will need to give this recipe a bash!!!! I love this combo in pastie form and crisp form so why not soup form?

  16. What is it with everyone and "Cheddar" cheese these days? Nowhere seems to sell anything other than Cheddar anymore. I have to go to a specialist cheese store to get anything different.

    Anyway, this recipe is actually better with mature, crumbly, white Cheshire cheese, which has a stronger natural tangy taste.

  17. Allan, I often use a variety of cheeses for different things. For some recipes, I might use a good Stilton, or another a Gruyere, or manchego, or whatever cheese the recipe suits. For me . . . This recipe is perfect with a good simple Farmhouse Cheddar. But fill your boots, and use whatever cheese you want to use!

  18. i like to melt the cheese in the milk and onions yummy

  19. cheddar has got to be the best ever for this recipe for the whole family to enjoy even the kids love it with hot crusty garlic bread

  20. a slight varition,
    this my nans recipe.
    1 onion gently fried in butter, but stili leaving a bit of a crunch, add milk to cover, bring to the boil then simmer.
    add cheese, mild cheeder is best as it goes all stringy, add cracked black pepper n salt to taste.
    eat with a spoon n crusty bread n butter...
    i still have this today, its real comfort food :)

  21. Sounds great m ej! The simple things are often the best of things!


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